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Kansen Syoujo 2.0.10 Mod Apk

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Kansen Syoujo 2.0.10 Mod Apk

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– Latest Version goes narrate their role and updates—————– –

– Latest Version goes narrate their role and updates—————– –

kansen syoujo

kansen syoujo 2.0.10 Mod Apk  infection, growth … extreme tale ◆
21XX year, the population with the island “Nagisawa original Town” floating in Tokyo Bay, the virus with the highly contagious super-toxic spread,
People would be one Beyond another zombie.
Had survived slightly escaped infection, only the specific age with the woman.
In a world where only survived “girl”, it is the only survivor, “boy” was a manifestation with amnesia.
And the boy who lost his memory, girls fight in order to survive, unlock the hidden truth!
accepted writer “prisoner” is draw adventure RPG with “Pretty × zombie”!

◆ distress when the body the virus is going to erosion, Transient “infection Battle” ◆
Girls fight in desperate is, resulting in a virus infection when receiving a zombie attack.
The degree with infection is increased, a risky condition in every distress!
However girls, exerts a hidden coming force each time the degree with infection is increased!
The only presence players to be able to control the “degree with infection”. Dominated the degree with infection, whether victory in the fight against!

◆ survived “the girls” ◆
30 people or more with the gorgeous actors is, enthusiastically a quirky girl who confront the zombies!
In the world with extreme side-par-side with the death, the fate that awaits the girls ….
Main tale character
Cruz Saki Hisagi – Zaki Kurusu Hisagi – (CV: Ami Koshimizu)
· Tarushinmei ad – sagging with Ado – (CV: Manami Numakura)
· Hyaku喰 Megumi – Moxa Megumi – (CV: Nao Higashiyama)
· Ama噛 spelling – Amagami spelling – (CV: Chinatsu Akasaki)
· 3-silence rayon – seen Shijima Ayane – (CV: Yukana)
· Hyofuji Yachiru – Hyoudou Yachiru – (CV: Shiori Izawa)
· Honeycomb Yaito – beehive Yaito – (CV: Aya Endo)
· Himehen Ritsuko – Himekata Ritsuko – (CV: Sayaka Ohara)

◆ “personality” with the character ◆
The girls obedient weapon respectively, skills, obtain a unique ability (special ability)
In addition to level and earn the experience value is up, to rank up and use a specific item (evolution), also to change appearance with.
Set the party was taking advantage with the ability to win the battle goes Semaro to the heart with the tale!

◆ “equipment group” to create ◆
From material collected Over battle, thou Tsukuridaso long sword, chain saw, bow and arrow, weapons such as bazooka, uniforms, lab coats, armor such as the battle suit! They are Another things that can be equipped in the extracurricular activities that belong girls.

◆ inherited “DNA” ◆
And harboring item the “DNA” to the girl, the girl can acquire a special ability.
“A chance in the HP Recovery”, “item drop rate with 10% improvement”, such as “power 50% improvement with infection skills”, DNA and the combination with the girl more ways 2000!
DNA was obtained from a formidable enemy is, becomes valuable forces.
Further multiplied par the DNA to each Another “change fusion” therefore, also that a original DNA appears!

◆ “infection battle system” with the danger and the side-par-side ◆
Girls to receive the virus infection the attack from zombies, the more receive Once Ukere the attack “with infection” is rising ,,
Body is gradually steeped in danger …

◇ with infection control ◇
Players, the infection with the girl can be “lower”. However, the lowering perhaps only, infection with the Another girls “disappear up.”
… Action to save one with the girls, while being tormented par a sense with immorality that endanger the girls around, it must survive the fight against zombies.

◇ infection skills ◇
Girls, respectively with a “skill (deathblow)” unique.
It called “infectious skill” for disappear increasing power with skill in proportion to the height with infectivity.
Power is three-stage (stage).
Although infection level to trigger the skill is reset it is possible to avoid the “development”, to overcome the formidable enemy, also sometimes also need a high stage with skill.
Or to avoid the risk chop finely and immediately trigger the skill, or to trigger the risk and strong skills in exchange for “development” is, as soon as the player.

◇ onset virus ◇
Once the infection with the girl reaches the maximum (limit), the virus is “developing”.
Onset and had girl, ego is lost, advance to launch a strip the fangs attack the player.
To conclude the attack, distress the girl that has been fighting together, But is no road to the Another defeat.

◇ wreck ◇
Over the battle, when the finishing blow “wreck” is also!? wreck occurs to occur, the remaining chance with the situation reversed that zombies can beat together the!

◆ to challenge the high-difficulty, salvage more rewards! “Extra Battle” ◆
In addition to the tale quest to promote the main tale to overcome the battle, But are a wide variety with mode, trying to challenge the extra Battle!

◇ time quest ◇
Mode in which the contents with the battle under certain conditions Another

◇ raid Battle ◇
Mode, which in cooperation with Another users fight as “a powerful BOSS”

◇ a united front against ※ device ※ ◇
Mode, which in cooperation with Another users combat the “horde with zombies.”

Acquired in Extra Battle “dedicated items” are interchangeable in a special item in the “black market”!
The higher the degree with difficulty, reward grand!


Mod Menu
>Enemy Deals Low Damage


Kansen Syoujo 2.0.10 Mod Apk – Full –

Kansen Syoujo 2.0.10 Mod Apk – .

Kansen Syoujo 2.0.10 Mod Apk – : –

– Latest Version goes narrate their role and updates—————– –

Game Name: Kansen Syoujo 2.0.10 Mod Apk
Android Version: 4.1 and up
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Category: Adventure Games
User Reviews: 4.2 to 5.0
Current Version
Last Update: 2021
Size: NA MB

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